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How is Outlaw OCR different than other training systems?

There are three problems with other training systems:
1) They are not personalized to your fitness level and goals
2) They are randomized and do not provide any form of progression towards your goals
3) They are randomized and not specific to the demands of your upcoming races

First and foremost, the Outlaw OCR system is personalized to the user

Our training plans are built around your goals, skill level, and personal schedules. Since the training plans are personalized, there is no need to alter the workouts (ex: scale down) in any way to find the proper reps, weights, etc.

The Outlaw OCR system is based on the fact that success in Obstacle Course Racing requires training all possible spectrums of fitness rather than just one or two. Success depends on being a "jack of all trades."

Training plans include: running only workouts, OCR specific workouts (running followed by race specific exercises/movements), strength training workouts, high intensity military inspired workouts, and specific grip training workouts.

What is the difference between the monthly OCR plan and the monthly running plan?

The monthly running plans include only running plans. Each running plan is based on the clients current fitness level, goals , and personal schedules. Each running plan contains recommended paces in kilomter per minute or mile per minute (according the the clients preference) as well as suggested heart rate training zones.

The monthly OCR plans not only include all the above features of the monthly running plan, but they also contain OCR specific workouts (running and OCR specific exercises and movements), a strength training plan which includes weighted resistance and high intesity work, as well as grip specific training.

Will a strictly running only plan prepare me for an Obstacle Course Race?

Running is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of Obstacle Course Racing. Being a good runner will allow you to make significant gaps on your competition in terms of minutes rather than mere seconds on onbstacle alone, such at monkey bars, for example

However, focusing only on running and not focusing on race specificity (i.e: performing exercises or obstacles proficiently with a high heart and then being able to return back to proper running form) will not adequately prepare you for the rigors of an obstacle course race.

Focusing solely on running and not obstacles and running combined is comaprable to a hockey player practicing solely shooting on an empty net. Without practicing shooting while on skates, with a opposing players and a goaltender, the hockey player will never be able to maximize their skill and proficiency wholely as an athlete.

I got hurt. Are plans refundable?

Unfortunately all plans are non refundable due to the sheer amount of time necessary to develop personalized plans.

However, we are more than understanding that running and OCR can be inherently risky and bring on unexpected injuries, and we are committed to working with you to achieve your racing goals no matter the cost. Because of this we are more than willing to put the remainder of your training plan on hold until you are fully healed, at which point we can continue your plan where it left off, no matter how long this takes.

I just registered. What next? When will my plan be ready?

Upon registration, your coach will contact you to fill out the Training Waiver and the Prescreening Questionnaire. Once these documents are filled out athletes will complete 3-6 physical assessments to determine personalized paces and heart rate zones.

After completing your physical assessments, please allow up to 5-10 working business days to develop your training plan.

What is the free consultation?

The initial consultation (up to one hour) allows the Outlaw OCR team to learn more about you: your goals, your current fitness, your personal schedule (how many days/hours you have to train), injuries, health problems, etc.

This information is crucial in order to truly give you a personalized training plan.

This consultation can be done by phone (preferrable), email, facebook messenger, or Skype.

Why pay more for a personalized Outlaw OCR plan when there are cheaper alternatives?

It is a fact that there are other training systems that are cheaper monthly options. However, these plans are cheaper for the simple fact that they are generic plans that are not personalized to your fitness level, goals, availability, etc. This means that the other systems will give you a basic plan and you have to figure out the rest (speeds, heart rate zones, interval durations, etc)

Outlaw OCR plans are a bit more expensive because they are personalized to your fitness level, goals, and availability. You will have unlimited weekly communication with your coach, whereas other systems make you pay exhorbitant fees just to speak to your coach once per month. As well, we tailor your training specifically and progressively for your races with the goal of having you peak in time to reach your goals. We take out all guesswork that exists with other cheaper, generic training plans.

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